Problem Solving and Influencing Skills: Strengthening our least preferred thinking style – 3 of 4

By Carolyn Crawford

Aaahhhh yellow.  Scarily easy for someone like me…. unlike the left-brain exercises previously posted.  Happy experimenting.


  1. List ten things that you can use a paper clip for
  2. Given a pile of paper clips, build something
  3. In small groups using 200 dominos, create something that moves
  4. Introduce the idea and play Charades at your next gathering of friends
  5. Play a word association exercise which results in a story telling exercise, ie. After 10 words make up a story a sentence at a time with a group of colleagues or friends
  6. Choose a new restaurant to got to by random selection eg go to a location where there are a number of restaurants and enter the 5th restaurant on the left! Choose items 5, 15, 25 & 35 from the menu.  Choose a drink you have never had before.
  7. Create three different mind maps eg describe your life in the year 2030
  8. Discuss with others: If you could change the outcome of one historical event, what would it be and why?  What impact would this have on the world of your life today?
  9. Stare at the clouds and create a story using the shapes and pictures that you see
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