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Improved outcomes with increased speed, at lower cost

Business success is achieved through collaboration and engagement - with customers, shareholders, staff and suppliers. COMMUNICATION IS KEY, not peripheral, to getting results.

Unique, online, presentation skills courses that deliver results

Effective business relationships are critical to achieving outcomes. F2F’s training and coaching ensures your team’s communication skills give you a competitive advantage and bottom line result.

We  are the ONLY training organisation in Australia that:

  •  Support your people to present and communicate naturally, to create authentic, positive relationships
  • Have 25 years specialised coaching & training experience
  • Use world class, proven, practical tools, tailored for your business
  • Offer a full suite of training for all your business communication scenarios
  • AND offer a wide range of delivery formats to meet your time & budget


  • lead, manage & engage their teams effectively
  • influence their stakeholders
  • leverage partnerships & collaborations
  • create a culture of transparency and trust

No man or woman is an island. As an entrepreneur, people are key to your growth and success.
Through our training you can equip yourself with the tools and skills to:

  • market yourself
  • speak with confidence
  • build your brand
  • influence investors
  • pitch your offering
  • engage your customers
  • nurture your tribe
  • train and educate – live and online.

We’re here to help. Online and self-paced programs available.

  • Carolyn was helpful, empathic and humorous… a consummate presenter!

    Risk and Compliance Manager

    First State Super
  • Carolyn was excellent. Great anecdotes, great pace, very engaging

    Business Analyst

    Treasury Wine Estates
  • Carolyn’s clearly an expert in her field backed with steep experience. She has excellent knowledge, a fluent, easy style and interacts with everyone.


  • Carolyn’s experience is obvious. She gave expert guidance, great tools, great feedback.

    National Sales Manager

  • Carolyn was excellent. Very relevant examples, easy to listen to and kept us engaged for the two days.

    Vice President and General Manager

    ITW Proline
  • Great delivery, great time management and specific, actionable feedback.

    HR Director

    Phillips Ormond Fitzpatrick
  • Friendly and clear feedback to everybody

    Business Development Manager

  • Have only heard great feedback from all that attended. Well done and thank you. This is the first training provider I have introduced to POF and I am so pleased the training has been so well received

    HR Professional, IP Law Firm

    Phillips Ormond Fitzpatrick

Number of participants worked with:                        12,000+
Average work experience per participant:                16 years
Average increase in confidence:                                       55%
Median Evaluation Score for training:                              9/10

deepen trust & confidence
in all your stakeholder relationships, with our dedicated suite of programs

Self Leadership

The personal congruence that leads to self-trust instills in us the confidence and credibility to inspire others.

Through unfiltered self-awareness, potent self-coaching and effective workflow management we can lead ourselves and others with the authenticity and integrity required to get results and grow the business.

Management Communications

As managers we are responsible for results and retention.

To achieve these outcomes we need to master 4 key skills:

- deeply know our people;
- continually talk about performance;
- always ask for more;
- have the courage and capacity to push work down - and do all of the above professionally and politely.

Effective management is neither mystery nor rocket science. It is repeatable tools that work.

Influence with Integrity

Competence on the job without the ability to make things happen in the organisation, results in wasted effort.

As organisations have become flatter and more collaborative in their decision-making, the onus is on every individual, in every part of the business, to build trust up, down and laterally, internally and externally in order to strengthen relationships, influence outcomes and achieve results positively and efficiently.,

Virtual Communications

Just as, in the 90s when we first started using email, people made basic communication mistakes that impacted their reputation, relationships and business, so core blunders are being made now, as we transition en masse to Virtual Communication.

Don’t let basic errors get in the way of your professionalism, efficiency and productivity. A one-off training will minimise risks and maximise your internal and external communications through this critical period.

Presenting With Confidence, Clarity & Ease

Our 'Simply Presenting' workshop is almost unrivaled in the Australian market for its simplicity, power and results.

Going well beyond presenting to impact all our daily communications, 'Simply Presenting' ensures that our content is consistently clear, logical, engaging and persuasive while our delivery is authoritative, credible, empathetic and authentic.

Facilitating For Outcomes

Meetings that feel like a waste of time are a standing joke in many organisations and yet we persist in running the same meetings in the same way regardless.

For the sake of a two day investment of time, you can revolutionise the effectiveness of your daily meetings, stay on track, foster trust and collaboration and free up a substantial chunk of you and your team's time.

There is no good reason not to do this.

Difficult Conversations

Trust is slow to build and quick to break.

A small snap here, a broken promise there or a more substantial breach of confidence may see years of effort and rapport broken literally in seconds.

Navigating a difficult conversation, honestly, directly, courageously and with integrity when the stakes are high and the emotions are higher, is an invaluable skill for internal and external relationships alike.

Writing that Works

From emails to reports, board papers to social media posts, our readers' needs and our own purpose must remain front and centre, while the writing style must be clear, understandable and human enough to build rapport

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