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“Treasury Corporation of Victoria have employed the skills of Carolyn Crawford for over a decade.She’s worked with staff at all levels of experience and confidence and  has always been able to adjust her style and techniques to accommodate this with glowing feedback. 

I’ve always been very impressed with the level of care and detail that Carolyn seeks to ensure she delivers the outcomes we require – not what she ‘thinks’ we require. She makes sure she understands both the brief and the people she’s training – their motives, concerns and doubts – resulting in staff feeling confident of their new skills and ability to apply them. The skills are not ‘lost’ after 12 months.”                      

HR Director, Treasury Corporation of Victoria

Smart people need smart training.

At F2F Communications, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

We offer flexible training that can be delivered over Zoom and live in-house. Our sessions are delivered in small groups, to ensure each participant gets intensive, hands-on practice and direct, uncompromised, individual feedback  THAT WORKS.
We change skills, mindsets, capabilities and outcomes.

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Presenter at business meeting or convention


  1. Vastly improved self-awareness of personal strengths and areas for ongoing focus
  2. Greater conscious control and communications mastery for big groups or small
  3. Massive time saving in preparation – up to 50%
  4. Improved clarity of thought and focus
  5. Increased comfort, poise and peace of mind both during the planning stage and while delivering presentations
  6. Stronger credibility, engagement and rapport with the audience
  7. Greater presence, credibility and leadership
  8. More flexibility, interactivity and involvement with the group and ease with questions and tangents

“Great people are the cornerstone of our success, and for over 7 years Carolyn has supported our people to have the necessary skills to be outstanding consultants. She understands our business by taking the time to know and appreciate the qualities of our organisation and reflect this in all her training. Strong presenting skills are essential for our people. They need to feel confident and comfortable and make an impact with our clients. We feel that we have found the magic formula to achieve this through the ‘Simply Presenting’ program to the extent that our company has adopted and embraced its philosophy and structure throughout our entire organisation.”

HR Manager

Market Research

Our training gets you focused, organised, clear and calm

My name’s Carolyn Crawford and I’ve been running corporate training with senior leaders, managers, sales teams, marketing teams and across all business units of Australia’s top companies – from ANZ to BHP, Aware Super to Telstra and literally hundreds of other large and medium businesses – for 26 years and I’m thrilled that with the advent of new technologies, I can now offer my services online, across the globe.

for deepening trust & confidence
in all your stakeholder relations

Self Leadership

The personal congruence that leads to self-trust instills in us the confidence and credibility to inspire others.

Through unfiltered self-awareness, potent self-coaching and effective workflow management we can lead ourselves and others with the authenticity and integrity required to get results and grow the business.

Management Communications

As managers we are responsible for results and retention.

To achieve these outcomes we need to master 4 key skills:

- deeply know our people;
- continually talk about performance;
- always ask for more;
- have the courage and capacity to push work down - and do all of the above professionally and politely.

Effective management is neither mystery nor rocket science. It is repeatable tools that work.

Influence with Integrity

Competence on the job without the ability to make things happen in the organisation, results in wasted effort.

As organisations have become flatter and more collaborative in their decision-making, the onus is on every individual, in every part of the business, to build trust up, down and laterally, internally and externally in order to strengthen relationships, influence outcomes and achieve results positively and efficiently.,

Virtual Communications

Just as, in the 90s when we first started using email, people made basic communication mistakes that impacted their reputation, relationships and business, so core blunders are being made now, as we transition en masse to Virtual Communication.

Don’t let basic errors get in the way of your professionalism, efficiency and productivity. A one-off training will minimise risks and maximise your internal and external communications through this critical period.

Presenting With Confidence, Clarity & Ease

Our 'Simply Presenting' workshop is almost unrivaled in the Australian market for its simplicity, power and results.

Going well beyond presenting to impact all our daily communications, 'Simply Presenting' ensures that our content is consistently clear, logical, engaging and persuasive while our delivery is authoritative, credible, empathetic and authentic.

Facilitating For Outcomes

Meetings that feel like a waste of time are a standing joke in many organisations and yet we persist in running the same meetings in the same way regardless.

For the sake of a two day investment of time, you can revolutionise the effectiveness of your daily meetings, stay on track, foster trust and collaboration and free up a substantial chunk of you and your team's time.

There is no good reason not to do this.

Difficult Conversations

Trust is slow to build and quick to break.

A small snap here, a broken promise there or a more substantial breach of confidence may see years of effort and rapport broken literally in seconds.

Navigating a difficult conversation, honestly, directly, courageously and with integrity when the stakes are high and the emotions are higher, is an invaluable skill for internal and external relationships alike.

Writing that Works

From emails to reports, board papers to social media posts, our readers' needs and our own purpose must remain front and centre, while the writing style must be clear, understandable and human enough to build rapport

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