Problem Solving and Influencing Skills: Strengthening our least preferred thinking style – 4 of 4

By Carolyn Crawford

Dear me.  I’m a walking talking cliché.  For our left-brain friends some of these exercises may seem challenging.  For those of us who are more right brained, this is simply how we live our lives!  Just as, no doubt, the Blue and Green exercises seem simple to you, the below don’t even feel like exercises to me! Happy practicing and let me know how you go.


  1. Introduce yourself to 5 new people today
  2. Show up to a public place in a quirky costume
  3. Volunteer to hold babies in the nursery of a local hospital
  4. Design a spontaneous getaway for a loved one
  5. Tell a person something that you appreciate about them in a conversation
  6. Choose 5 people at work and find out what is most important to them in life
  7. Identify a group that you know little about/have bias towards and spend a day in their community
  8. Invite your work team to a beach party on a workday
  9. Live one week without organising tools
  10. Create a group discussion about the ways in which your work environment has influenced you and how you have influenced your work environment, and why?
  11. Describe the course of your day only using emotions
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