How To Avoid The 27 Communication Mistakes That Cause Productivity and Business Losses

Businesses are unaware of the communication blunders they are making due to COVID-19 social distancing laws. In the next 12-months, many companies will erode client and staff relationships, as well as their personal reputation, and if you think that loss is due to the crisis, you better think again.

While it is all too easy to attribute the loss of business and personal branding to the COVID-19 crisis, managers and business owners are missing the real cause.

Ignorance is at the core of a communications epidemic that will result in lost opportunities and business unless you educate your teams in the finer art of online communications.

We don’t know what we don’t know

In the mid-1990s, when email became a standard business tool, it took businesses almost a decade before they realised that CAPITALISATION WAS SHOUTING!

Email sped up our communication but fast-tracked career limiting blunders and internal disruptions.

It wasn’t long before businesses discovered the ‘reply-all’ function and all too many emails were marked as ‘URGENT!’ Email was to deliver a paperless office, yet it increased legal paperwork by the tonne and delivered more warnings than a pack of Marlboro.

Leaked emails caused political errors that gained companies unwanted media attention and businesses realised that it needed email protocols and education.loss

What are your team’s online mistakes costing you?

Many businesses are not even aware of their mistakes and shall soon experience credibility, efficiency and business losses due to inefficient online communications.

The problem?

Like early email blunders, companies are completely unaware of their online communication blunders.

There are 27 of them in all and here are the top five of them:

  1. Too many online team meetings – causing exhaustion, confusion and overwhelm
  2. Too few one-on-one meetings – causing lack of empathy, motivation and productivity
  3. Unclear messages – causing anxiety, lack of focus, conflicting priorities
  4. Badly run meetings – that go overtime and are dominated by a limited number of voices
  5. Misuses of technology – that are embarrassing and unprofessional at best, unethical or illegal at worst
Online Communication Training

Most companies have invested heavily in their communications in the areas of design, advertising and branding, yet far less frequently invest in educating their teams to represent their well-honed brand.

F2F Communications are respected trainers of advanced communications for over 25 years. We have 3 options available to help you avoid the 27 most common mistakes and communicate online and face-to-face like a professional.


In 1 hour we can run through all 27 most common people and process mistakes, hard and fast, or focus on those most relevant to you as discussed in advance


The half-day training allows for more tailoring for your business, discussion of participant meetings and written exercises giving participants the opportunity to plan both strategically and tactically for their upcoming online meetings


The full-day online workshop, with group exercise breaks as well as off-line breaks, includes: all 27 common mistakes and solutions, practical, thoughtful application of the tools to upcoming meetings, and practice exercises to help participants facilitate and present with credibility, authority, flexibility and humanity.

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