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P2TM is the first ever comic-style, instructional guide, that helps to demystify and destress the process of business presenting in a fabulous, fun format. In these pages, Max, the presentation guru of the world, will guide you with clear instructions, light-hearted visual gags and easy-to-use worksheets. This book is the perfect tool to help you plan efficiently and deliver authentically, all your daily meeting contributions and presentations.

Steeped in over 20 years of training and research, the methodology outlined in this book is currently being used in dozens of Australia’s top corporations across multiple industries and at all levels within those organisations, from the C-suite all the way across and down.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • The myth busted that you have to put on a presentation ‘act’, and the power of being truly yourself
  • How to create a meaningful message for your audience, full of impact, that makes them sit up straight and pay attention
  • How to build a structured, persuasive business case, QUICKLY, that takes your audience on a journey of logic
  • How to be credible, confident and persuasive in an entirely natural and personal way
  • How to be flexible and think on your feet when faced with a difficult question
  • How to create effective visual aids that effectively support you without distracting the audience from your presence and power in the room

And importantly, the answer to ‘NO FEAR PRESENTING’!

‘Presenting To the Max’ will change the way you think about yourself as a presenter and your effectiveness as a presenter for life. So join the ‘natural presenting’ revolution and make presentation nerves a thing of the past – IN HARD COPY!

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