Audio CD: SIMPLY PRESENTING with Carolyn Crawford




In this 10-part series of 10-15 minute episodes, Carolyn Crawford takes the principles and tools that have helped thousands of Simply Presenting participants develop their presentation style and confidence, and compiled them into a succinct package to introduce them to those who haven’t experienced presentation skills training previously, or refresh them for those who have.

Whether Introduction or Refresher, this is not ‘presentation skills for dummies’, but rather ‘practical training for smart people’. As with all our training we assume our listener to be intelligent, capable, interested and keen, with some experience in business and presenting. It is lively, fun, and jam packed with useful information and real world examples.

Upon ordering we will send you the accompanying Presentation Planner in both hard and soft copy.

Simply Presenting Contents:

  • Episode 1: Introduction
  • Episode 2: Knowing Your Audience
  • Episode 3: Identifying Your Message
  • Episode 4: Planning Quickly
  • Episode 5: Making it Engaging
  • Episode 6: Starting Strongly
  • Episode 7: Effective Visual Aids
  • Episode 8: Natural, Confident Delivery
  • Episode 9: Answering Questions
  • Episode 10: Review

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