Changing Actions AND Self Perception for Sustainable Results...

It’s not just about the skills. It’s about stepping up mentally to see yourself as leader and influencer.

Changing Actions AND Self Perception for Sustainable Results...

Communication Specialists = Superior Training

In depth subject knowledge means 100% focus on individually coaching and stretching you, the participant.

Communication Specialists = Superior Training

It's Personal...

We get to know you, your business, your people, culture and needs to ensure maximum customisation and relevant focus.

It's Personal...

Practical, Engaging Training for the Real World...

We work with real examples and real scenarios to apply to your real world.

Practical, Engaging Training for the Real World...

Thorough Feedback...

We give clear, direct, specific, feedback that your colleagues won’t or don’t

Thorough Feedback...

We ARE our reputation....

As a small organisation, our reputation and survival depend on giving the very best of ourselves every, single time.

We ARE our reputation....

We Treat Participants Like The Intelligent Adults That They Are...

Smart training, applied in smart ways, for smart people!

We Treat Participants Like The Intelligent Adults That They Are...

F2F Communications – Australia’s leading communication skills training specialists

F2F Communications offers world-class, comprehensive coaching and training that creates breakthrough improvements in people’s confidence, business effectiveness and lives, through vastly improved communications with ourselves and others.

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Improve effectiveness by delivering with power and poise...

Communication and Delegation for Managers

Communication and Delegation for Managers

Communication with staff, management and peers is the stock-in-trade for managers, so best to make the most of every interaction

Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Skills

Manage proceedings to keep all players focused and inspired...

Influencing Skills

Influencing Skills

Motivate and enable others to change their thinking and actions

Business Writing Skills

Business Writing Skills

Give your written communications the flair and persuasion they deserve...

The Calm Art of Dealing with Others

The Calm Art of Dealing with Others

Our proven approach to having your toughest conversations with confidence and skill to ensure less stress and more success...

What our clients say...

Attending Carolyn Crawford’s online workshop ‘Presenting to the Max’ has been a valuable experience. It was timely information as I was preparing a workshop and am planning several presentations in the future. Not all information is relevant to my business as a sole practitioner in the health industry but what was there, I eagerly put into practice. The step by step guide is clear and easy to follow. Thank you Carolyn

Anne Hilarius-Ford / Reflexologist

I now feel less nervous about the concept of presenting generally and more in control of the process

Business Development Manager / Mars

I had a fantastic experience, thank you Carolyn. I'm now more inspired to face challenges.

Category Manager / adidas

Carolyn not only presented useful information but demonstrated what she taught

Category Manager / General Mills

Very productive and empowering experience

Customer Service Officer / First State Super

Fantastic, approachable, fun and really helpful

Director / Victoria Auditor General�s Office

Very interactive and practical, not only for presenting, but also for reporting structures

Director / Victorian Auditor General's Office

Excellent. Good mixture of theory and practice. One of the best courses I have ever experienced

Economist / Treasury Corporation Victoria

Loved It. I have left with tools I can use tomorrow to improve all my meetings and presentations.

Finance Operations Manager / Pilkington

Loved It. I have left with tools I can use tomorrow to improve all my meetings and presentations.

Finance Operations Manager / FMCG Co

“Until I met Carolyn and listened to her audio course, I thought that to be a good presenter, I needed to morph into a different person. Carolyn helped me realise that being true to my unique style and personality is my greatest asset when presenting. She provides really useful tools and techniques that helped me develop my very own formula for presentation success”

General Manager / Telstra

It is all about outcomes for F2F and this is what I most appreciated as a participant in the Influencing Skills training - they always had my growth as a leader in mind, and I was kept honest through follow up work to ensure my learning was put into practice.

General Manager / Telstra

Carolyn was excellent. Great anecdotes, great pace, very engaging

General Manager Business Operations / IAG (Insurance Australia Group)

Fantastic depth of knowledge and ability to demonstrate technology

General Manager Marketing / Nike

Each year we ask F2F back to deliver training at adidas because they are organised, know their stuff and get results. The execution is seamless and their exceptional ability as trainers, unquestionable.

HR Director / adidas Australia

Carolyn was helpful, respectful, empathetic and humorous� a consummate presenter. Thank you

International Market Research Firm /

Interesting, relevant, motivating, enlightening and fast moving

Logistics Manager / Mainfreight Logistics

Very relevant, logical, useful information. Immediately applicable in the workplace.

National Business Manager / Hallmark

Not only have I personally seen the skills of my team improve, their feedback suggests unanimously that the programs were well organised, professional, challenging and stimulating. They felt in short they had indeed developed their skills.

Operations Manager / IAG Limited

Excellent! Very knowledgable and experienced and it shows.

Partner / PricewaterhouseCoopers

Lots of great tips. Lots of references to other resources. A terrific framework for planning presentations. A very worthwhile use of my time

Regulatory analyst / Essential Services Commission

I can use everything that we covered in the session immediately in all of my work - highly relevant! It will save me heaps of time and help me focus on a clear message that connects with the reader.

Regulatory Consultant / Essential Services Commission

This training provided the structure and knowledge I was looking for. My role often requires me to persuade people. This provided me with the tools to do so.

Sales analyst / adidas

A wealth of information and very supportive in delivery

Sales Development Manager TAL /

Apart from presentations, these skills will be useful for ordering my thoughts in arguments for meetings and preparing written advice

Senior Associate / Freehills

Very engaging and practical.  Planning was always hard and time consuming for me.  The skills learnt will definitely solve that.

Senior Associate / Freehills

Carolyn has a way of brining the best out in people. Her method is very practical and relevant, and easy to implement, yet it’s powerful, in that it helps you combine ‘what to say’ with ‘how to say it’. I’ve found the structure and her guidance on how to really connect with an audience valuable in my business. Be it meetings, or pitching for business, it works extremely well! I’d recommend it wholeheartedly!!! 

Tamara Jones / Potential Change

Fantastic – feeling very empowered now. Looking forward to my next presentation.

Telstra Media/Entertainment /

The best presentation skills I’ve done and in fact among the best training I’ve done.  I used the planning format straight away and it worked.  Fantastic course.

Telstra Relationship Marketing /


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