Your Questions Answered

April 2, 2020 12:00pm

These are challenging times, but in among the uncertainty and fear there’s also some extraordinary responsiveness, adaptability and positivity by businesses across the globe.

It’s all new and a big part of that newness is the sheer quantity of online meetings and conferences.

That’s where we can help. This webinar will provide answers to questions we’ve been receiving in the last week, and indeed increasingly over recent years, that can give you immediate confidence in the effectiveness of your virtual communications.

In this short, sharp, easy-to-digest 45-minute webinar we answer some of the key questions:

✓ Is virtual communication significantly less effective than face to face communication?

✓ Can you cover as much content in a virtual meeting or presentation?

✓ Do visuals add value in these circumstances?

✓ How can we convey presence, authority, conviction and energy in a virtual environment?

✓ How do we keep people engaged, and how long can our meetings be?

✓ How will we know we’re getting it right?

✓ Plus more

Who are we and why are we in a position to help you?

Tony and Carolyn, between them, have more than 55 years experience in business presentation and communications training and a wealth of real world application to help you build your leadership and relationships in an online world.

Tony Bulmer

For almost 30 years I have worked with business people as a Presentation Skills & Content Strategy Coach.

In other words, I help develop planning and delivery SKILLS as well as assist with CONTENT to enhance message clarity. I am utilised at all levels, from CEO down to Graduate level.

My definition of a Presentation is essentially any face to face engagement.

As with Carolyn, my overriding focus is to ensure presenters are THEMSELVES rather than trying to create a “1 size fits all” approach.  Whilst I am very commercially experienced, and committed to better business results, I am about selling the PERSONALITY and QUIRKS of people in order for them to better engage their audiences.

In short, I’m used by clients to:

  • Reduce preparation time 
  • Create greater clarity in their own mind regarding their message
  • Equip them to build more compelling arguments
  • Increase their confidence to bring more of their personality to their presentations
  • Be more engaging and persuasive

Clients include: BCM Partnership, Converga, Delloitte, Dept Health Qld, Flight Centre, Lexus Australia, Merck, Morningstar, National Australia Bank, oOh! Media, Orica, Perrenial, QIC, Subaru, TAL, Toyota, Tribeca, Twitter

Carolyn Crawford

After a decade working in financial markets with NAB London and JB Were Sydney, I was put through a presentation skills workshop and found my calling!

As fate would have it, I found myself working alongside Tony for the next 11 years – Sydney then Melbourne – deeply immersed in the world of presentation skills training and consulting, and building a working relationship and friendship which I’m proud and honoured to say remains to this day. 

I started F2Fpl in 2005, in order to expand into broader communications development including influencing, difficult conversations, management communication and facilitation skills.

Over the years I have trained in the vicinity of 12,000  people, from business leaders preparing for their financial markets presentations and industry conferences, to business development teams for major pitches, to marketing, customer service and shared services always with the same end goal and result of helping people to feel in control in all their meetings, small and large, and increasingly online as much as face-2-face.

Clients have included organisations as diverse as: adidas, ANZ, BHP Billiton, Coles Insurance, Dept Treasury and Finance, First State Super, Freehills, General Mills, Hallmark Cards, IAG, ITW, Just Jeans, Melb Metro Rail, Nike, Pilkington, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Telstra, Treasury Corporation of Victoria, Treasury Wine Estates and Victoria Auditor General’s Office among literally hundreds of others.