Simple. Powerful. Practical. Fun!

We developed our ‘Simply Presenting’ online presentation skills training to support smart, capable business people devoted to their professional development, in a range of business scenarios:

  1. Previous workshop attendees who would like to refresh and extend their skills
  2. Employees in medium-large businesses who don’t have access to in-house training but would like to improve their presentation skills and are taking their professional development into their own hands
  3. Small businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t have the time or budget for the type of training more easily available to large corporates
  4. Gig economy workers who are looking for high quality professional development that they can access from home
  5. Those who have suddenly found themselves working from home as a result of COVID19

Our 12-module ‘Simply Presenting’ program will guide you in your planning and personal delivery so you feel clear, calm, confident and in control in all your daily meetings, as well as stand-up presentations

In short, this convenient and powerful program covers all of the content and ideas that we cover in our hugely successful and popular 2-day workshop of the same name including:

  • Identifying and profiling your target audience – whether speaking to one or many
  • Crafting a crystal clear, tangible, actionable message
  • Building a persuasive argument that skilfully uses stats and stories, to appeal to the logic and emotions of your listener
  • Bringing dry topics to life and making technical content easier to understand
  • Having a well organised, structured, planning process that halves your preparation time while making your presentation easy to follow and easy to remember, for both you and your listener
  • Feeling confident, relaxed and in control in all your daily meetings as well as larger scale presentations
  • Being authentic, warm and human so you can feel comfortable and build rapport
  • Fully engaging the audience from start to finish
  • Being flexible and equipped to deal with difficult questions or objections
  • Presenting off the cuff if required

With each module of this program you get :

A copy of our Amazon best-selling, graphic-guide book ‘Presenting To The Max’ broken into the 12 chapters to follow along with each module of the program

10 x MP3 10-minute audio episodes which are crisp, clean, separate from the videos but aligned with the modules and perfect for those who like to ‘commute’n’learn’

14 explanatory 15minute videos – 1 for each chapter plus a couple of bonuses

12 x chapter summaries – 2-page PDFs for those without time to read the whole chapter

10 x downloadable worksheets so you can implement and practice the tools as you go


Access to me! Call or email with questions along the journey as you put the processes into action.

And the materials are yours for life. Review any time to boost your focus prior to your next big presentation.

Beyond the core materials, if you want to take your skills to the next level we offer two levels of live, online training via Zoom:



  • 6 weeks
  • 1-hour lessons
  • Larger groups
facilitation skills icon copy


  • 8 weeks
  • 2-hour lessons
  • Capped at 8 participants

Through weekly live, online training sessions, you will apply the tools to your upcoming meetings and presentations, practice the processes and be coached in your personal delivery so you can be authentically, comfortably, confidently YOU, in all your future presentation scenarios.