Communication is critical in a crisis.

How we connect and cooperate with our clients or customers, shareholders, board, staff, suppliers, colleagues and industry peers can make or break our relationships, our reputation and ultimately our capacity to lead through, and after, the period of disruption.

To support you through these currently challenging times, F2F is offering small group training as well as 1-on-1 consulting to help you navigate your daily and larger scale meetings:


✓ Choose who you wish to be and how you wish to be perceived by yourself and others through this time

✓ Be clear on the purpose of the meeting

✓ Plan thoughtful questions

✓ Listen well

✓ Speak clearly

✓ Summarise and confirm outcomes

✓ Follow up

Half-Day Training

All the 1 hour session PLUS:

✓ Align your communication with your values

✓ Consciously build trust and rapport

✓ How to provide leadership and direction in uncertain times

✓ Understand different responses to extreme circumstances

✓ Use your questioning and listening skills to assuage concerns

✓ Speak with integrity, clarity, honesty, compassion and empathy

Full Day Training

All the half-day session PLUS:

✓ Deeply understand the needs and concerns of your stakeholders

✓ Master your questioning and listening skills to pre-empt and minimise potential conflict and de-escalate a heated conversation

✓ Consciously build and deepen relationships with clients, staff, board and shareholders

✓ Identify the right message for the occasion and include the right, and the right amount of, supportive content

✓ Create engagement and convey leadership in your daily webinars, virtual meetings and recorded communications

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