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Carolyn provided our startup company with the tools to pitch succinctly, which has enabled us to move forward with the confidence to present to large or small audiences. The pitch training gave us a very versatile plan which we have used in a variety of situations. We would recommend Carolyn regardless of your pitch experience.

Clare Brown | Jaynik

Entrepreneurs are the disrupters, agitators, visionaries and warriors of the modern workplace. They are passionate, flexible, hard-working, creative, open, curious and determined.


There are more than 2.1 million small businesses operating in Australia


They account for over 97% of all businesses operating in Australia


They consist of 1.27 million non-employing businesses


And 771,000 businesses that employ 1-19 employees


The total number employed by small business is approximately 4.8 million


But passion and expertise alone aren’t enough to ensure success. You need business savvy to make it work – skills in sales, negotiation, finance and decision making.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I hear an entrepreneur say “I have this world-changing product or service but I don’t like selling!”

I cannot help you with financial know-how but I can help you present like a pro – with confidence, clarity, control and calm – so you can spread your message, win over investors and most importantly, increase your sales.

  • Carolyn Crawford’s ‘Simply Presenting’ gives you the tools to create a filing system for the inside of your brain, allowing you to organise your thoughts into a well-oiled presentation. Through working with Carolyn and utilising the methods in her book and online webinar series I’ve been able to put together a full program for a series of workshops. An amazing program I would highly recommend.

    Eva Guss

    Artist & Label Manager

With a choice of self-paced, online or live training, I can help you to

  • Identify and profile your target audience – whether presenting to one or many
  • Craft a crystal clear unique, direct and inspiring message
  • Build a persuasive argument that speaks to the heads and hearts of your listener
  • Have a well organised, structured planning process that halves your preparation time and makes your presentation easy to remember and follow on the day
  • Feel empowered and confident
  • Be authentic, warm and human so you can feel comfortable and build rapport
  • Fully engage the audience throughout
  • Be flexible and equipped to deal with difficult questions or objections
  • Your training has made my life so much easier.

    I am getting more out of my presentations because I now know how to target the audience with relevant information and “selling” points. Your Presentation Planner really made me think about the “essence” that I wanted to bring out.

    I have been writing and giving presentations for about thirty years and getting frustrated by too much stuff. I would do several re-writes trying to get to the core issues but always hindered by related but superfluous information. 

    Your training offer was the perfect “gift” that I needed to fine-tune and focus my knowledge and experience.

    Steve Capeness

    Logistics Coordinator, Organic Food Supply Chain, Bali
  • The presentation went very, very well and had to end it after 40 minutes with the questions still being asked.

    I was really surprised I could talk for that long and I wasn’t nervous. I did not expect that!

    I got great feedback and people appreciated my honesty.

    Everything flowed, people were laughing and really seemed to get what I was saying. I’m still so surprised that I could speak and not get nervous.

    THANK YOU Carolyn! I am SO GRATEFUL.”

    Karen Sawyer

    Visual Artist
  • I was very impressed with “Presenting to the Max” book and online training.

    The course was impressive, very straight forward to understand, and the combination of the video presentations, the planner, crib notes and tips provide the complete ingredients needed to tackle the often daunting task of putting together an engaging presentation.

    The learnings received will arm me with the confidence to nail my next sizzling and purposeful presentation!”

    Melanie Hopgood-Bould

    National Marketing Manager, The GPT Group

Our training gets you focused, organised, clear and calm

My name’s Carolyn and I’ve been running corporate training with senior leaders, managers, sales teams, marketing teams and across all business units of Australia’s top companies – from ANZ to BHP, First State Super to Telstra and literally hundreds of other large and medium businesses – for 25 years and I’m thrilled that with the advent of new technologies, I can bring these offerings to you, my fellow entrepreneurs.

You have a choice of 3 to meet your budget and timing restrictions:

We have the most comprehensive, well laid out, clear and easy-to-apply online presentation training program globally!

Here’s what you get:

  • A copy of our Amazon best-selling graphic guide book ‘Presenting To The Max’ broken into the 12 chapters to follow along with each module of the program
  • 14 explanatory 15minute videos – 1 for each chapter plus a couple of bonuses
    10 x MP3 10 minute audio episodes which are crisp, clean, separate from the videos but aligned with the modules and perfect for those who like to ‘commute’n’learn’
  • 12 x chapter summaries – 2-page PDFs for those short on time to digest the whole book chapter
  • 10 x downloadable worksheets so you can implement and practice the tools as you go
  • Access to me! Call or email with questions along the journey as you put the processes into action.


Our online training takes it to the next level.

Our ‘8-2-8’ program is not for the faint-hearted. It is intensive training that runs over 8 consecutive weeks, 2 hours per week, with a maximum of 8 participants. It’s personal, it’s powerful and it’s life-changing.

Over the 8 weeks we take you on a guided journey through the materials (see self-paced program) implementing, practicing and honing your skills in our weekly online Zoom sessions and with homework between trainings.

More specifically we will:

  • Brainstorm your current & future presentations
  • Identify your messages and critical takeout points
  • Structure your material into a clear story-of-logic
  • Have you rehearse live in front of the group
  • Practice ‘improvised’ presenting so you can implement these skills anywhere, any time
  • Consider the questions you might receive and prepare and practice your answers
  • Practice the skills between sessions so we can answer your questions as we go

It’s fabulous. Do it! I can wait to meet you.


Our two-day public programs are for no more than 6 participants.

Over the two consecutive days you will:

  • Present 5 times
  • Receive in-depth personal feedback and coaching that will transform the way you understand yourself as a presenter and rocket you into a different sphere of self-knowledge and capability
  • Deeply embed the planning and delivery processes of presenting so that after only 2-days you will have the skills ingrained for life
  • Apply the skills to daily meetings and conversations so you can practice the skills from the moment you leave the program
  • Apply the tools to a wide range of your ‘real-life’ presentations and communications
  • Make friends and associates for life!

Sign up now. It’s awesome.


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