This area gives you, as F2F workshop participants and special members, access to additional support materials.

Over time, I’ll add further audio, video and print content to allow you to keep refreshing and improving your business communications to ensure greater clarity, confidence and impact in all your daily meetings and presentation.

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I hope you enjoy perusing them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

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Training Excerpts
Powerful Presenting Mini Series
Presentation Planner
Simply Presenting Welcome/Introduction
Tip Sheets
Audio Confidence Boosters
Video confidence booster
Presenting to the Max - Chapter 1
Seven minute Pres Planning video
Guide to Pitching Angel Investors
Angel Investor Pitch - Executive Summary Guide
Elevator Pitch Script for Angel Investors
Business Brain Food Podcast
Pre-Conference Research Questions
Video Testimonials
Communication Quotes
Creativity Summit Interview
Funky Links
Powerpoint Packs
Presentation Mantra Poster
Presentation Memes
Our book & workshop recommendations
Audience Hierarchy of Needs
Presentation - MegaMind